Veteran Journalist chides Jim Paredes over his twitter post

Journalist and a Duterte supporter Ira Panganiban lambasted Jim Paredes over his criticism to President Rodrigo Duterte.

Recently, Jim Paredes reacted to Duterte after he called former Columbian President Cesar Gaviria as 'idiot' for saying his drug war will bound to fail.

Also, Paredes defended Gaviria and he stated that because of Gaviria, the biggest Columbian drug lord Pablo Escobar got caught.

Panganiban on his Facebook account schooled Paredes about Pablo Escobar and Peter Lim.

He cited three important things, first was that Escobar was caught by the CIA and not Gaviria.

In the second and third was fact about Peter Lim. Panganiban said that Paredes should get his fact straight before saying anything.

While, netizens had fun reading the post of Panganiban and mocked Paredes over his nonsense tweet.

Netizen Maximillian Parañal said, "Like father Jim Paredes and daughter Cynthia Patag"
Georgina Ji said, "I think lang the jim paredes completely nawala na his mind, in denial the lolo, gumigising sya everyday for what kaya?"

Read the post of Ira below:

I'll make upak lang Yellow Troll Jim Paredes ha!!!

First Dear Jim, it was not Gaviria who caught Escobar, CIA yun darling!!!

Second, Peter Lim made takas when PDuts made buking his operations my lovely boy Jim!

Third, Jim sweetheart, Peter Lim made bida his drug operations during the time of your President Noynoy Aquino.

So, my wonderful Jimmy Boy, if you make gamit your almost brand new kokote, seldom used but full of it, then you will make kita that Peter Lim is namayagapag with his drug operations during the last administration and ran for his life during this administration.

Is that linaw enough for you my darling Jim???

Source: Facebook 

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