Prominent Duterte supporter to 'Yellow': 'Move on na, mga 'teh! Tapos na po ang madidilaw na araw nyo

Duterte supporters were on the edge of voicing out their thoughts against the yellows and their supporters amid issues against the opposition and the Duterte administration.

One of the Duterte supporter, MJ Quiambao Reyes said that the yellows should move on against their plans to get bring their power.

Reyes cited their time have already been gone where corruption was dominant, crimes were rampant, where narco-politics rules and people were oppressed.

She used the tagline #UnTie that #YellowRibbon in her post.

It specified that the Yellow's time was over and now, is the time for the Filipino people to reign again. 
#UnTie that #YellowRibbon!

Enough of incompetence, of indifference towards ofws & middle class, of gross misuse of people's money, of injustice & non-inclusive growth, of narcopolitics, of rampant crimes, and of people getting over-taxed but very much under-served...

Move on na, mga 'teh! Tapos na po ang madidilaw na araw nyo.

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