Netizen reacts to critics after blaming Bato, scalawag cops exist since FPJ up until Pnoy time

Philippine National Police was facing huge problems right now after the Korean businessman slay issue.

Earlier, PNP chief Bato dela Rosa announced that the PNP was forming a task force against the scalawag cops.

“We are creating [a] counter-intelligence task force of the PNP to run after scalawags in [the] PNP,” Dela Rosa said.

Meanwhile, Duterte supporter MJ Quiambao Reyes slammed critics for blaming the administration and Dela Rosa over the rogue cops.

Reyes reminded the critics that the PNP image way back before dela Rosa took place as PNP chief, it was already stained.

She cited that even the old movies of actor Fernando Poe, Jr. and Eddie Garcia, 
the police reputation was known as corrupt and already engaging in illegal stuff.

In her post, she included some incidents where the police were involved such as the "Kuratong Baleleng, Dacer-Corbito Case, Atimonan Massacre, EDSA-Hulidap, EURO Generals."

On the latter part, despite the policemen bad reputation, there are still many 'Cardo Dalisay' cops who's willing to risk their lives for the welfare of the people.

Oi, mga haters at pseudo-journalists, lahat naman po tayo, lalung lalo na ang PRRD, ay galit sa mga police scalawags!

Wag naman kayo umastang kayo lang ang concerned and do not claim as if umusbong lang sila sa panahong CPNP si Bato!

Nak ng teteng naman! Black & white palang pelikula--buhay pa si FPJ at bata pa si Eddie Garcia at di pa man napapanganak si Coco Martin, may mga pulis nang sing-itim ng budhi ni Satanas.

Must I remind you of Kuratong Baleleng, Dacer-Corbito Case, Atimonan Massacre, EDSA-Hulidap, EURO Generals to name a few?

Wag din sana nating lahatin at wag kalimutan na bagamat maraming "Joaquin Tuazon" sa kapulisan, mas marami pa ring "Cardo Dalisay" na handang magbuwis ng buhay para sa bayan.

Source: MJ Reyes, GMA

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