Look: 12 of the most influential Duterte supporters meet PRRD in Malacañang

"I can't believe this just happened. By far one of the craziest and most incredible nights of my life."

This is how Duterte supporter Franco Mabanta described his unforgettable moment with President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday night.

Twelve of the intelligent and influencial social media supporters of President Duterte gathered in Malacañang to meet and shared a dinner together.

According to Mabanta, Duterte toured them in Bahay Pagbabago.

"We had a total of two meals, two trips on his boat, a PERSONAL TOUR of his guest room, bedroom and bathroom, a stellar number of anecdotes, and loads of insider info all in unnerving detail."

He said they talked about different political topics such as De Lima's scandal, drug war, and many other things.

"We spoke about EVERYTHING -- from the drug war and corrupt cops to a private chat with Trump to the de Lima sex tape to environmental issues to mistakes he's made in his past to what makes him happy and angry and sad and grateful to a plethora of admissions we can't reveal publicly. Unbelievable candidness and honesty from Digong and the group discourse that ensued was brilliant, clear, hilarious, enlightening and utterly unforgettable."

The 12 prominent supporters include RJ Nieto, Krizette Chu, Butch Cabanban, Arnel Patawaran, Ethel Pineda, Mark Lopez, Sass Sasot, Lorraine Badoy, Franco Mabanta, Trixie Angeles, Ahmedy Paglinawan, and Mardion Malano.

Thinking Pinoy also said how humble and very simple the president is.

They also asked different questions and the President is very game to answer all of it.

Here's below the video clip of TP after they shared a moment with President Duterte
Visiting the President
Posted by Ethel Pineda on Tuesday, February 7, 2017
Watch video below.

#AskTP: TP, Sass meet PRRD
Posted by Thinking Pinoy - TP on Tuesday, February 7, 2017

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