Liberal Party will rise again? Dream on, Duterte supporter says

Vice President Leni Robredo recently said that the Liberal Party will have a meeting on strategic planning to strengthen their sectoral membership.

On the other hand, Writer and Duterte supporter Krizette Laureta-Chu slammed the Liberal Party on their plans to dominate again.

"Liberal Party will rise again? Dream on," Chu said.

Chu stated that to be able to rule again in this country, the Liberal Party should have to get first the approval of the 80% of the Filipinos.

She also cited that the Duterte supporters will do anything to fight against the yellows and not even one, among of them could get the positions in the government they wanted for the next election.

Chu said that they will list down the names of the LP so the people could recognize them and remember who's not to vote.
Liberal Party will rise again?

Dream on.

You cannot get power without the approval of at least 80 percent of this population.

We will fight tooth and nail to make sure not one of you will hold any key position in 2019.

We will have our own KILL LIST--KILL LP LIST, detailing the names and positions of any politician who will join or alliance itself with LP, and we will campaign very hard to make sure people KNOW your name and KNOW your face, so they KNOW who not to vote.

Tignan natin kung mag rise again kayo. Pwe.

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