Duterte to Joma Sison, NDF leaders: "Huwag na silang bumalik dito. La-landing talaga sila sa Muntinlupa"

President Rodrigo Duterte on Sunday warned the Communist Party of the Philippines founder Jose Ma. Sison and consultants of the National Democratic Front (NDF) who are out to the country that if ever they decided to return, then prepare to stay again behind bars.

“Huwag na silang bumalik dito. La-landing talaga sila sa Muntinlupa. T***** i**, la-landing. Doon sila papunta lahat,” Duterte said.

Duterte made a statement during his visit to the wake of three soldiers slain by the New People’s Army in Cagayan de Oro.

Duterte ordered the military and the Bureau of Immigration to arrest NDF consultants who were released during the peace negotiations.

"Arestuhin ninyo sila ulit," he said.
He also told them they will be heading straight to prison should they go back to the Philippines.

Duterte has terminated peace talks with the CPP-New People’s Army-NDF after communist rebels killed three soldiers and abducted two others while a ceasefire was still in place.

Source: Politiko

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