Speaker Alvarez to Leni, Bishops: Don't meddle with us. They should first run for Congress if they want to

House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez on Saturday told Vice President Leni Robredo that she should not meddle in the affairs of the House of Representatives by telling them what to do about the revival of the death penalty.

Alvarez also challenged the Catholic Bishops after retired bishop Oscar Cruz expressed his concern on the death penalty bill.

"She should give up the vice presidency, run again in her district and aspire for the speakership. If she is elected speaker, she can run the House the way she wants to. I will not meddle with her. In the meantime, she should not meddle with us,” Alvarez said.

“They should not meddle with us. Why should they tell me how to do my job? They should first run for Congress,” he added.

Alvarez warned to remove anyone of the committee who wouldn't support the bill. He said that those who support the Duterte should also help for the passage of the death penalty.

“We laid down a policy and our members have to abide by it. We have to help President Duterte by approving the legislative measures he is pushing for, like the death penalty bill. If I cannot shepherd the approval of these measures, what I am Speaker for? They might as well replace me,” Alvarez said.

Source: Philstar, Politiko

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