Zubiri and Trillanes nearly came to blows after the exchange heated words

Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri and Antonio Trillanes IV made a public scene at the Senate hall on Tuesday. 

It was all started when Trillanes accused Zubiri and Gordon of “whitewash” over the Bureau of Immigration bribery probe.

“Mr President, I take offense that one of our colleagues claims whitewashing. Never in my 9 years as House member, and 4 years as a member of this august chamber have I been accused of stalling or stopping investigation,” Zubiri said dung his privilege speech.

Trillanes admitted that he said that to offend Zubiri.

“If there's an action, there is a counter reaction. That’s what happened when they blocked the referral to my committee. Therefore you should expect me to react on the matter. He took offense of the fact; it was meant to be offensive," Trillanes said.

raised the allegations of poll fraud against Zubiri, he called him a “cheater" and “defender of the faith.”

“If you want to declare war, prepare to have war. This representation will not back down to people like the senator form Bukidnon. That’s it. I believe I have earned that right and no senator should be barred from speaking his mind in front of the media,” Trillanes said.

Then, later Zubiri got more pissed off and challeged Trillanes to a fist fight. He said Trillanes should confront him and tell it to his face, not in front of the media.

“Anong klaseng war sinasabi niya? We are all here working as hard as we can but one thing I do not agree is that he falsely accused another [member of the Senate],” Zubiri said. 

“Mabait akong tao (I'm a kind person) and people know me. I'm one of the amiable senators of this chamber but if you pick a fight, I didn’t become world champion in arnis (kali) for nothing. Come out here; don’t say it in the media," Zubiri said.

Source: GMA

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