Trillanes wants to investigate 'social media trolls'

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV filed a Senate Resolution No. 259 that aims to investigate the proliferation of fake news in social media.

Trillanes wanted the social media trolls and the authors be accountable for the misinformation under law.

“Instead of being a tool for empowerment, the social media has become a platform for political propaganda, deceit and manipulation, which has been continually abused and misused for the sake of personal or political agenda, at the expense of rational discourse and discussion with the proliferation of the so-called ‘social media trolls,” Trillanes said.

“Because of social media trolls, the social media is now being used to create fabricated realities through a network of fake social media accounts intended for trolling and spreading of erroneous and misleading news and information,” he added.

Trillanes said that trolling creates a “culture of impunity” online because of their foul language and personal attacks like death and rape threats.

Also, he said that 
 a social media troll as someone who “deliberately creates and/or foments discord and conflict on social media sites.”

Source: GMA, Inquirer

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