Solar Irrigation System ready for Inauguration— Manny Piñol

Agriculture secretary Emmanuel "Manny" Piñol announced on his Facebook account the inauguration of his new project the solar irrigation system.

President Rodrigo Duterte is already ready for the preparation of the 'official switch on.' But according to Piñol, they will still be looking for an exact date and availability of President Duterte for the inauguration.

This project is a huge help for the farmers and lessens the burdens financially.

Read the full statement of DA Sec. Manny Piñol:
The first prototype of a no-inverter, no-storage-battery solar-powered irrigation system is ready for the "official switch-on" by President Rody Duterte.
We will just await for the available date of the President to formally mark the start of a new era in small irrigation systems in the country.
With this new system, the farmers will be freed from the costly process of pumping water from small water impoundings and rivers using diesel-fueled pumps. 

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