Sen. Zubiri's world-class Kali-Arnis skills goes viral after Trillanes threatens him war | Watch

During the legislative session at the Senate, Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri and Senator Antonio Trillanes IV nearly having a fist fight after exchanging word war.

Their fight became a political entertainment among netizens who witness the intensity between the two senators.

Trillanes called Zubiri a 'cheater' due to the previous poll fraud issue.

“If you want to have war, be prepared to have one,” Trillanes said.

Zubiri also responded to it, he said, “Anong klaseng war sinasabi niya? We are all here working as hard as we can but one thing I do not agree is that he falsely accused another [member of the Senate],” Zubiri said.

“I did not become a world champion of arnis for nothing," he added.

The tension between the two started when Trillanes accused Zubiri and Senator Richard Gordon of “whitewashing” the BI scam probe.

Meanwhile, Zubiri is known champ in a kali-arnis. In case, Trillanes didn't know about it. He better watch the demo video of Zubiri.

Here's the video below:
This is the tournament where i won my first World championship Gold medal after fighting three amazing fighters from all over the world. Thank God i still found this video..

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