Sass Sasot shares SOCMED strategy of Office of the Vice President to discredit Duterte

Political analyst Sass Rogando Sasot share on her Facebook account the strategy of the Office of the Vice President how to make Robredo's image look good to the public.

In her post, there's a photo included. According to Sasot, the letter came from the OVP and it stated a propaganda discredit President Rodrigo Duterte and catered good things done by Robredo.

In the SocMed strategy, they also attacked BBM and Sandro Marcos.

They even accused the Duterte supporters as trolls and the BBM supporters are fake and a paid army.

Sasot said that the Mocha's cheque controversy clearly identify where it came from.

Latter, she tagged Georgina Hernandez, VP spokeperson and challenged her for a fight.

Read the post of Sasot:


Dear Everyone,

cc: VP Leni Robredo; Maria Ressa

Attached are the screenshots of the SOCMED Strategy of the Office of the Vice President of the Philippines. The point of the strategy is to make VP Robredo look good after the barrage of criticisms against her. The strategy aimed to discredit pro-Reform Duterte supporters, labelled by the Office of the Vice President as mere "troll influencers."
Part 2 of the SOCMED Strategy is against BBM and Sandro Marcos.

The SOCMED Strategy has been circulated to different "communities." And they want these "communities" to coordinate with them "whenever a new campaign is launched for them and/or against her."

Now, we know it's getting clearer where the fake BBM cheque to MOCHA USON BLOG and the post about me, using the pictures from my Personal FB, could come from.

Georgina Hernandez your office want war? I give you war.
Here's the copy of their Social Media strategy:

Source: Sass Sasot

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