Sass Sasot reveals LP's plan to oust Duterte: They will call International Community for Duterte's resignation

Pro-admin Sass Rogando Sasot exposed the Liberal Party's plot to oust President Rodrigo Duterte in their yahoo group.

A screenshot of email message of Filipina- multimillionaire Loida Nicolas Lewis has been doing the rounds online, where she stated her plan how to unseat the president. It was the message seen in the yahoo group of LP.

Sasot said that they will fail in doing a mass protest so instead, they will have an 'International Community call for Duterte's resignation.'

She cited that's the reason why these yellow media were all efforts to destabilize Duterte even reviving the old issues.

Read the full revelation of Sasot:

One of the emails in the Yahoogroup we accidentally stumbled upon is the 4 December message of Loida Nicolas Lewis, saying that:

"The only way to fight this evil Plot to unseat Vice President Leni Robredo is to ask Duterte to Resign."

Now, Loida is a well-connected and VERY Rich woman. What else could she do to pursue this "only way" in order to protect her investment, a.k.a. Leni Robredo? International media blitz, is one of them.

Certainly, they couldn't get Filipinos to have a mass protest to call for Duterte's resignation. So what's the next best thing to do? TO HAVE THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY CALL FOR DUTERTE'S RESIGNATION!

This explains why suddenly there is a surge of anti-Duterte media blitz meant to undermine the external legitimacy of Duterte. Remember: even old issues are being recycled, Fentanyl issue is being emphasised, Matobato resurrects from obscurity again with new delusions..

These are not all coincidences but most probably part of their efforts to pressure Duterte to Resign so they could install Loida's investment: Leni Robredo.

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