Sass on Yahoo statement that LeniLeaks is hoax: In their desperation to discredit #LeniLeaks

As the other camp supporters claimed that the LeniLeaks is a hoax. Political analyst Sass Rogando Sasot also proved that the news they were disseminating to contradict its truthness is just a 'desperation.'

The are fake stories now that circulating online that discredit the LeniLeaks issue. 

In a photo of Jeff Bonforte, Senior VP of Communications Products at Yahoo!. He's also responsible for Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Messenger, Yahoo! Groups, Yahoo! Contacts and Yahoo! Calendar. According to the photo, Bonforte said that 'no traces' of ouster against President Duterte and it said that "they will take legal action against those who falsify the facts of YahooGroups."

But Sasot revealed the falseness in that photo. By exposing the original photo and the exact date it was taken. 

The photo of Boforte that they used was originated in his youtube video titled, "Introducing Smartr, by Jeff Bonforte" and was uploaded on September 27, 2011.

Sasot even cited that the leakage they got was from the emails of the group and not from the chatlog.

Read her post:


In their desperation to discredit #LeniLeaks they have released fake stories, just like what they've always done.

Ang sabi iyong si Jeff Bonforte na SVP ng Communications Products @ Yahoo! ay naglabas daw ng statement na "they will take legal action against those who falsify the facts of YahooGroups." Wala raw makita si Bonforte na may ouster plot laban kay Duterte sa kanilang "ChatLogs."

Chong, iyong picture na ginamit ninyo ay mula sa 2011 interview ni Jeff Bonforte ( At ikalawa, hindi po sa Chat nanggaling ang email. Hindi po chat room ang Yahoo!Group kundi isang email exchange group.

That's all.

The post of Sasot applauded by the netizens and it already garnered 1,610 shares.
Leojim Ravelo Sass naman masyado mo silang pinapahirapan....wala ng maisip.ang mga yan kasi parating 5 steps ahead ka sa.mga dilaw....give them naman daw a heads up....kasi kitang kita na hirap na hirap na sila ng kakatakip pero ito ka no effort done supalpal nanaman...Brilliant moves.

Mia Yoshida Galing tlga ni Sass Sabog nanaman ang mga Dilaw na Tae imbento pa more Doesn't need to be true, it just needs to look like that # LeniLeaks

Dhel Acuna Don't us and specially don't Sass Rogando Sasot. Halos lhat npo ng pilipino marunong mgsearch sa internet. Gawin bang tanga uli ang mga pinoy? Sing na lng kyo ng " Desperado"

Source: Sass Sasot

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