PTV 4 to compete with giant tv networks this 2017— Andanar

PCO Sec. Martin Andanar announced on Tuesday that the People’s Television Network (PTV) 4 to compete with the giant's network this year and they will strive hard to be similar to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

“I’ve spoken to the Australian Embassy and the British Embassy. They’re willing to, in fact they are already talking to our counterpart state media, in ABC and BBC and they should be sending a team to help us out,” Andanar said.

The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) already approved to used the Bureau of Broadcast 87.5 FM to be the government FM station.

He said he will also visit TV networks in other countries like the CCTV in China and TV Asahi in Japan.

As the PTV 4 has been left behind the big TV station, Andanar said the Presidential Communications Office (PCO) will not only strive but also improve their equipment into modern.

“Sayang naman kasi. If you check out UK, may BBC. Merong CBC [Canadian Broadcasting Corp.] sa Canada, may PBS [Public Broadcasting Service] sa Amerika, may ABC [Australian Broadcasting Corp.] sa Australia, at ang gaganda ng kanilang public broadcasting service eh. Bakit tayo hindi? Bakit tayo, bulok?” Andanar said.

Also, andanar said that the staff will undergo re-training through scholarship programs simultaneously for modern broadcasting management.

Source: Philstar, Politiko

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