Political analyst slams Rev. Padillo after telling Duterte has done nothing

Political analyst and pro-admin Sass Rogando Sasot criticized Manila Auxiliary Bishop, Reverend Broderick Pabillo after saying that President Rodrigo Duterte and his administration do nothing good in the war on drugs,  solving traffic problems and contractualization.

Sasot answered those sentiments of Rev. Padillo with the achievements of the Duterte administration for the past six months. 

She reminded that rehabilitation center has been established, the P1 billion funds for the drug rehab, the P1 billion free medicine for the poor Filipinos, training program for drug surrenderees and the SSS pension hike.

Also, Sass cited that before the church comments anything, they should wait at least the administration finish it's six years.

Actually, Duterte has done so many things for the past six months but his critics only focus on the negative things happened under the administration such as the bloody war on drugs.

The Church was among of Duterte's critic and meddling with the political issue. That's why Duterte lashed out the priests for speaking against the summary killings.

Duterte said the church can help and by instead preaching to addicts and pushers to abandon illegal drugs.

"If you cannot mend ways, if you do not even give justice to the small boys you have molested in the past, you have no moral ascendancy to lecture on us all," Duterte said.

Read the full statement of Sasot:


According to Reverend Broderick Pabillo, auxiliaary bishop ng Manila, wala raw positive na ginawa ang gobyerno tungkol sa droga, puro daw patayan, wala rin daw ginawa si Duterte regarding traffic, at hindi rin daw tinugunan ang issue ng contractualisation.

Kamusta naman iyong rehabilitation center? Iyong alottment ng 1 billion pesos mula sa PAGCOR Funds para sa drug rehab? Iyong free medicine na 1 billion na budget? Iyong skills training from TESDA for drug surrenderees? Kamusta naman ang SSS Pension Hike?

At sa issue ng contractualisation, Reverend Pabillo, ito po ang updates diyaan:

“We targeted 30,000 workers by the end of the year. So far, we managed to accomplish 32,000 and 17,000 more contractual workers are expected to become regular,” Silvestre Bello said.


Sa traffic? Ongoing pong kumukuha ng emergency powers para mabilis na masolusyunan.

Bago po ninyo sabihing wala talagang ginawa, Rev. Pabillo, hintayin niyo munang matapos ang six years. Iyan po ang term ng isang presidente.

Source: Sass Sasot 

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