Pinky Webb defends President Duterte from International media | Watch

CNN Philippines news reporter Pinky Webb clarified the side of President Rodrigo Duterte to the international media about the talk they had during the one-on-one interview in Malacañang Palace on December 29.

Webb detailed that President Duterte's outrage to America may change when U.S President Barack Obama goes out. 

She likewise said that President Duterte was maddened by the reactions that he got in light of his War On Drugs. 

Ms. Webb additionally elucidated that President Rodrigo Duterte is reevaluating and concentrate the conceivable nullification of the Visiting Forces Agreement between the United States and the Philippines. 

The correspondent additionally clarified the disputable comments by President Rodrigo Duterte like his confessing to slaughtering individuals.

The video shared by Duterte Bato page and it already garnered 7,400 views.

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