Leni Lies again: Netizen blasts Leni over "A good leader accepts constructive criticisms" statements

A netizen wrote an open letter for Vice President Leni Robredo after the latter made a statement saying A good leader accepts constructive criticisms."

To begin with, her letter started with a tagline, "Leni lies again."

Netizen Imee Callao questioned the remarks of Robredo when in fact when she commented on her Facebook wall, Robredo deleted her comments.

She said during the Typhoon Nina, she wrote on her Facebook that she was in the US not in Bicol.

In her thoughts, how can the people believe her when she even herself can't do what she preach and even called her critics a 'troll.'

Callao cited that the people would truly appreciate it if she would just step down in her position.

Netizens agreed to Callao and echoed the same sentiments over the VP.

Netizen Rachel Quesada said, "Hypocrisy at its finest. Puro salita, wala man gawa. Panay kontra, wala man naitulong. Mabuting pang manahimik na lang sya kesa kung anu anong kamemahan lang pinagsasasabi nyang si leni."

Dan Steely said, "Hahah leni has become the mother of trolls... As theys say.. vanity is the Devil's favorite sin."

Leigh Monforte said, "At naniwala ang mga yellow trolls nyan sa sinabi nya.

Your statement doesn't suit you Lenie.Try harder please.Next time SWS conducted survey your rating will drastically go down from 4% to 0.00001%."

Read her full statement: 

Dear Leni,

You deleted my comment on your personal FB wall (and blocked me soon after) when you made the post about Typhoon Nina while your people taught you were in the Philippines. All i ever said was "The VP is in the US and not in the Philippines." Your yellow trolls bashed me and defended you because they insisted you are in Bicol. Some even offered prayers for you and your family's safety.

Your Official FB Page and that of "The Office Of the Vice President" deletes comments and blocks netizens airing their criticisms, discontent and dissent.... yet here you are saying "A good leader accepts constructive criticisms." You cannot accept criticisms yourself and even called us "trolls".

You can be of great service to this nation if you step down as VP. You will find that most of us will appreciate this great sacrifice you will do for love of country.


The People of the Philippines

#LeniResign #TheLyingVP #FakeVP #LeniLeaks #NoMoreLP

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