Journalist slams Jim Paredes over mamasapano tweet: "You'd have to be stupid or really Yellow to believe that"

Singer Jim Paredes made an insulting comment about the reopening of Mamasapano massacre of President Rodrigo Duterte.
Veteran Journalist Jojo A. Robles also shared his thoughts towards Paredes remarks.

Robles said that meeting with the families of falles SAF 44 wasn't indicate a divertion. But having a thought same with Paredes surely showed his a 'yellow.'

"You'd have to be stupid or really Yellow (or stupid AND Yellow) to believe that."

Duterte said that he will reopen the case to give justice for the families left. 

Duterte also stated his disappointment towards former President Noynoy Aquino III over his action in Mamasapano.

Read his entire statement:

Is the president's call for a revisiting of the Mamasapano Massacre a diversionary ploy, to make us forget the killing of a South Korean businessman? You'd have to be stupid or really Yellow (or stupid AND Yellow) to believe that. Consider:

Duterte made the revelation on the eve of the second anniversary of the massacre, the first marked during his presidency. He issued the directive before the relatives of the SAF 44. Did Duterte choose the date of the massacre? I don't think so.

Duterte has been questioning the conduct of Oplan Exodus long before he was president. As a candidate, he promised to reopen it and to give the Medal of Valor to all the slain troopers during the campaign. That's exactly what he did yesterday.

Was the declaration just pulled out of a hat, because of the Korean's killing? Only if you took some powerful drugs a long time ago which are still taking effect today, when you are no longer a member of the Apo Hiking Society.
Source: Jojo Robles 

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