Cory as saint movement? A viral post tells 'a well-orchestrated plan to oust Duterte'

Have you seen the Cory Aquino saint of democracy shirt? This was doing the rounds online since Sunday.

Community Newswatch PH page shared the photo and warned public about what the real agenda behind those movements.

It said that they were just using that movement to call for a support on Cory as Saint of Democracy. But the truth is, they will ask the people to join Anti-Marcos Rally. And later on, they are planning to overthrow President Duterte to be replaced by Robredo.

Also, the page said that clearly the office of the Vice President really involved in ousting Duterte.

This shirts were seen being sold in Seafood City, Chicago, USA. It seemed there is a well-orchestrated plan to oust President Duterte by making people fall into the call of Cory as Saint of Democracy and eventually ask the people's support to join Anti-Marcos Rally but the real issue is to remove President Duterte and ask VP Leni Robredo to replace and lead the country.

It is very clear the office of the vice president is engaged in an activity for any ouster plot against President Duterte.


According to the post, the shirts sold in Seafood City, Chicago, USA. 

Netizen Edwin Jamora, who lived in California confirmed that the shirts were only sold in Chicago after he went to the same branch of the restaurant nearby and found out they don't sell Cory shirt.

Political analyst Dr. Antonio Contreras also shared his sentiments about it.

"I want to puke! (Hoy mga bastos. Ang sabi ko, gusto kong sumuka!)," Contreras said.

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