#BringBackMIA: A petition asking Duterte to restore the original name of NAIA to Manila International Airport

Actress Vivian Velez announced on her Facebook account that there’s a petition started by her group to bring back the old name of Ninoy Aquino International Aiport.

The petition was started by Atty. Lorenzo G. Gadon and the members of #BringBackMia group who urged the Duterte government by the help of the congress to bring back the name Manila International Airport.

Manila International Airport became Ninoy Aquino International Airport on 1987 as an honor to the man who became the face of democracy during former dictator Ferdinand Marcos term as President.

But according to the #BringBackMia group, its still way too early to award Ninoy such an honor beause of three malfeasances for which he must be held to account:

  • He authored the fake account of the so-called “Jabidah massacre” in 1967 and sabotaged our country’s claim to territory.
  • He was complicit in the reestablishment of the local communist party and guerrilla army under Maoist control in 1968-69.
  • He was inexplicably absent during the bombing of the LP rally in Plaza Miranda in 1971 despite his being the most popular and frontrunner candidate and the secretary general of the Liberal Party.

They also believe that the name NAIA is only confusing and does not lead to a recognition and identity of the country it represents.The group also pushing to change the Ninoy Aquino Sports Stadium back to Rizal Memorial Coliseum.
The petition that they started on the internet already got 145 supporters.

Velez also asking the Netizens to sign the petition on Change.org

Some people supported the petition, but some also opposed because they only think that the people behind the #BringBackMia group are also belongs to the Marcos Loyalists who already pushing the same petition many years ago.

Source: Vivian Velez

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