Bato stops war on drugs, creates task force vs scalawag cops

Philippine National Police chief Director General Ronald dela Rosa announced Monday the creation of a counter-intelligence group to go after scalawags in uniform.

“We are creating [a] counter-intelligence task force of the PNP to run after scalawags in [the] PNP,” Dela Rosa said.

He said it will be directly under the Office of the chief PNP.

“Wala itong gagawin, wala itong ibang misyon, kundi habulin, to run after all scalawags in the PNP. Kaya kayong mga sindikatong pulis, tignan natin ngayon, lumaban kayo para kayo mamatay, papatayin kayo nitong counter-intelligence task force. Lahat ng mga scalawag, from PO1 to general, this will be your enemy,” he said.

Dela Rosa also vowed to be ruthless and unforgiving to erring personnel.

“Expect me to be ruthless, unforgiving to those scalawags in uniform,” he said.

The PNP chief made the announcement following the order of President Rodrigo Duterte for the disbandment of anti-drug units over the killing of South Korean businessman Jee Ick Joo.

Dela Rosa also officially ordered the deactivation of Anti-Illegal Drugs Unit and other anti-drug units at the regional, provincial, city and station level.

“You can just imagine our war on drugs already was very victorious at this point in time, we have achieved our target but because of that (Jee kidnap-slay) the President stripped us of our power to enforce drug laws. Hindi na tayo pwedeng mag-operate sa anti-drugs, no more anti-drug operations,” he said.

“That is why, starting today, I have dissolved the Anti-Illegal Drugs Group. All anti-drug units from the national to the police station level, yung mga RAIDSOT (regional anti-illegal drugs special operating team) na yan, PAIDSOT, SAIDSOT, lahat yan, dissolved, deactivated,” he said.

He said they will now focus on cleansing their ranks.

“We have to focus our efforts toward internal cleansing until the time na ma-cleanse na natin ang PNP, the President will determine that, and he will instruct us to go back to our war on drugs,” he said.

"Humanda kayo ngayon. Kayong masasama na pulis. Wala na kaming war on drugs, meron na kami ngayong war on scalawags. Lilinisin namin ang aming hanay ngayon, sa war on scalawags," Dela Rosa added.

Source: GMA, CNN

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