Awkward! Netizen captures rare moment of Jollibee, McDonald’s, KFC and Pizza Hut delivery boys meet in the elevator

A photo of the four giants fast food chain delivery boys caught in one photo has been doing the rounds online. 

A netizen captured a rare scene and people finds it 'awkward' and funny.

The photos was uploaded by Harvey Laxa. The photos showed the four of the biggest fast food companies in the Philippines are cramped in a tiny elevator.

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Mcdonald’s, Pizza Hut, and Jollibee delivery boys were seen riding in an elevator. 

Laxa wrote a caption that says,

“Ladies and Gentlemen, a rare picture for us to cherish and treasure. Para kong nakahuli ng rare pokemon HAHAHA May competition palang nagaganap. FAST FOOD CUP daw, paramihan ng ma deliver, masaya talaga yung tropa pag magkakasama.”
Netizens were amused by the photos. Their reaction seeing the four guys together were positive.

One netizen, Alvin Sareniogon said :the competition is real!"

Another, Pauline Bacani said "well, this is awkward..." tas imagine mo nasira pa elev"
The post already garnered 8,113 shares and 27,000 likes as of posting.

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