The VP in Housing was a monumental waste of taxpayers money—Atty. Angeles

After Vice President Leni Robredo told not to attend Cabinet meetings, it brought different reactions from the netizens.

One of those who shared her thoughts was Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles and it echoed same sentiments with the readers.

She called Robredo "disrespectful". Because according to her, Robredo is a non-performing official. 

Atty. Angeles said Robredo didn't deserve her position for not performing her duty well as a secretary of HUDCC.

On the latter, she lambasted Robredo and call it a waste of money for assigning her in the post. And for doing less was much ruder and "ought to be criminal."

Read her full statement below:
You want to call out the president for asking her not to attend cabinet meetings and that he did this through text? You say it's disrespectful? I call bull on that. I call a non performing public official a hell of a lot more disrespectful to the mandate of the office she occupies. I call it outright rude to the Filipino people that she contributed very little (and I'm being kind here) to deserve the post she was given.

You say the president is bastos? The VP in Housing was a monumental waste of taxpayers money. That's beyond bastos. That ought to be criminal.


Source: Facebook

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