Sen. Honasan to Filipinos: Keep your trust in President Duterte | Watch

Senator Gringo Honasan agreed to President Rodgrigo Duterte's decision to abrogate the country’s Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) with the US.

Honasan on Tuesday calls the Filipino people to keep their trust to Duterte.

"Yung Presidente natin ang magdedesisyon sa pangkalahatan para sa ating lahat," Honasan said.

As long as Duterte does not violate the Philippines constitution he can decide and he serve the public interest.

Earlier, President Duterte threaten the US and imposed one condition to Washington if it wants the deal retained.

The president said, “You want to come back here? You pay us. You want bases here? Pay us. Transaction tayo, pera-pera na lang tayo, mabuti pa."

“There are no wars right now, why would I allow you here? You want to create World War III? If you do that, if all the nuclear explosives are really (used), this planet won’t be around tomorrow. It’s the end for all of us, so why would be pick up a fight with anybody?” Duterte added.

Also, Duterte said he was just standing for the dignity of the Filipinos.

Source: PTV, Philstar

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