'#PwedePala' under Duterte admin went viral online

A viral photo uploaded by Lapu- Lapu page was caught the attention of the netizens.

In less than an hour, it already garnered 2,700 shares and 2,200 likes.

The photo has a caption that reads: 
pwede palaFree Tuition,pwede palaFree Irrigation,pwede palaPhil Health for All Filipinos,pwede palaFree medicines,pwede palaSSS increase,
Just recently the good news has come consecutively, especially the budget allocation P3.35 for 2017.

Netizens praised the Duterte administration for providing the needs of the people. It really showed that they care more on the Filipinos rather the personal interest.

As the people's verdict, it clearly seen they put their trust to the president because of his love for his countrymen and for always looking into the good of the common people.

Netizens were mesmerized for the free services that the government was able to provide not knowing that it is possible the public can have it.

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