PDP-Laban launches "Duterte's kitchen" to feed the homeless for free

President Rodrigo Duterte has an advocacy in feeding the poor. To address the poverty, the Partido Demokratikong Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban) party launched “Duterte’s Kitchen”to make it come true.

According to PDP-Laban national executive director Glen Badon, the goal of this program is to help the children to learn and improve their lives. 

“Duterte’s Kitchen provides street children the means to uplift their lives. We have programs that will equip them with knowledge like teaching them to read. We are family to them,” Badon said.

They have volunteers who teach and make the children understand the value of education.

He said he believed that with this program they would be able to provide temporary shelter, emergency medical treatment, food, and basic education to beneficiaries through the help of volunteers and donors.

Duterte’s Kitchen can be found near MRT Cubao between Farmers Plaza and Social Security System (SSS) Building.

Badon said they can cater for 50 to 70 street children and adults daily during breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

PDP-Laban is aiming to expand the feeding program and to established more of it nationwide.

“We will bring Duterte’s Kitchen nationwide to feed and teach children roaming the streets aimed at uplifting their situation,” Badon said.

Duterte’s Kitchen also helping the hungry adults.

The Kitchen served variety of foods, but mostly served are  “lugaw” or rice porridge and champorado or chocolate rice porridge for breakfast, rice meal with vegetables, fish, adobong manok and baboy during lunch and dinner.

“The food being served also depends on the donors. If we receive donated vegetables, chicken or pork meat, then we serve these to the street children and even to the elders,” Badon said.

Badon said this program was the idea of House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez and with the help of other PDP-Laban members.

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