Monorail to build in Cebu within 3 years under Duterte admin

The Duterte administration brings changes and also more investors to the country. That's why lots of business groups trusted the government
 after a Filipino, Chinese and Canadian investment group to construct a monorail project in Cebu within three years.

“If things will go according to plan, it will take 3 years as assured by the monorail supplier to complete the project from drawing board to operation,” the group said, which refused to name them.

According to Sun star, investors already discussed it to 
Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña and Mandaue Mayor Gabriel Luis Quisumbing last December 22, 2016.

They wanted to build a monorail as a solution to address the lobg term traffic problem in Cebu, especially in Mandaue, Cebu, Lapu-Lapu and Talisay City, which are among the feasible areas.

Meanwhile, the City Government supportive about the project.

“The LGUs of Metro Cebu are supportive of the monorail initiative and we hope and pray that everything will go according to plan.”

THe group said that the advantage of the monorail, it only need a slim concrete beam unlike the MRT and LRT.

“The advantage of monorail is that the support column is only 1.22 meters diameter spaced apart every 20 to 36 meters. Because of this there will be minimal or no right of way requirement as the size of the support column is only the size of the average center island.”

They also looking forward to include the South Road Properties (SRP) going to second bridge.

Source: Sun Star

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