Look: Thousands of Filipinos gather to cheer President Duterte in Singapore

President Rodrigo Duterte arrived in Singapore for a two-day state visit on Friday. Thousands of Filipinos waited for Duterte just to see a glimpse of him.

The Filipinos fall in line just to get at the exhibition center near Singapore's Changi airport where Duterte would appear. They waited for hours to show their support and love to the president.

Amid international criticism of the war on drugs of Duterte, the Filipino made a banner that reads:  "You are not alone on your war against drugs, Mr. President" and "Duterte - Making Philippines glorious again."

According to the report, some working Filipinos went there without the permission of their boss just to cheer Duterte.

Duterte met with Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and discussed terrorism, drugs, and transnational crime.

Source: Today

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