Kiko Pangilinan on LP bashers: "Lahat na, sinisi sa amin, maski na ang pagpatay kina Rizal at Lapu-Lapu"

Senator Francis ‘Kiko’ Pangilinan and the acting President of Liberal Party (LP) reacted to the bashing in the social media.

“There were missteps, [but] it is nothing in the level of how poisonous it has been in social media,” Pangilinan said.

“Masyado namang over doon. Lahat na, sinisi sa amin, maski na ang pagpatay kina Rizal at Lapu-Lapu,” Pangilinan added.

The LP supporters were called 'yellowtards' by the new administration supporters. While the Pro-Duterte called 'Dutertards'

Pangilinan said that despite the bashing, the LP will accept their mistakes and continue to help to have better decisions in the future.

He said that the key role of the party in helping the country’s continued development, "consistent with its values, promoting human rights, [and] liberal democracy."

To show his support to the administration, he said, “This is the fifth month of this administration. Every administration deserves a chance to serve and lead. Bawat bagong administrasyon ay deserving of a honeymoon period, and some support."

"Coming from there, tinitingnan natin, alin ang mga programang dapat suportahan, tinutulak? In areas where we think there are inspired decisions or policies, why not? I actually support the political will of Duterte and bringing warring factions to talk." he added

Source: ABS-CBN

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