Indonesian national wants Duterte to be their President: So Philippines, if you don't want him, we want to have him here

Writer Krizette Laureta Chu shared a post, where an indonesian netizen said they wanted President Rodrigo Duterte as their president to fight illegal drugs in their country.

According to Chu, the comment of the girl was found in the comment box, in which the video tackled about President Duterte.

The video drew mix reactions from the

The female Indonesian said, "The number of corruption in Indonesia is still in the top 5 in the world. So Philippines, if you don't want him, we (Indonesians) want to have him here."

Duterte Supporters also flooded in the comment section and defended Duterte against the critics.

On the one hand, Foreign nationals shared their views to Duterte and it came out positively. Some even see the good side of Duterte's drug war for the sake of his country.

Netizen Richard Uehara said, "Let him do what he has to do for his country, you can only do things lightly for so long until you have to come at it with a closed fist. If his people like the way he is handling things in their country then we all just need to mind our business and let it be."

While, Jonathan Barker also said, "I guess his way is working. Why give criminals any idea of survival. The point is to stop the crime. We can't judge his methods when we (USA) have killed for greed rather than justice."

Eren Kereci Corruption is too much in this country.He has rights to do this for his people.If you arent living in Ph,dont even try to comment here.

Here's the link of the video that was referred above.

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