DOJ Prosecutor slams Yellow Party: 'Sick President Duterte is better than your Noynoy in full health'

Prosecutor Darwin Cañete on Monday slammed the 'yellow party' on his Facebook account.

Amid controversy about President Rodrigo Duterte illness, which the yellow media made it appear more serious, when in fact said Duterte responded that he was just toying with them.

“Tapos mag-intriga, sabi ko may sakit ako na ano, headline kaagad. ‘Duterte will die’, g***. Hoy, istorya lang ‘yan, maniwala ka pala, uy," Duterte said.

“Kaya ko nilalaro ‘yang mga buwang, tingnan mo, kung anong sabihin ko, kunin kaagad nila, totoo ‘yan," Duterte added.

Atty. Cañete cited that Duterte appointed the best persons in his cabinet because he believes in their capability and to make the administration corrupt-free.

He pointed out the even Duterte sick or not, but it cannot deny what Duterte did to improve the country unlike former President Aquino in full health.

Check out his FB post:
Dear yellows. President Duterte appointed achievers like Gina Lopez, Secretaries Piñol, Taguiwalo, Evasco, passed a national budget, curbed crime, charted an independent foreign policy, strenghtened the morale of our security forces and we look forward to a super charged economy with lower taxes and massive corrupt-free infrastructure spending. Now you're telling us he is sick. You know what this means right? That even an alleged sick and debilitated President Duterte is better than your Noynoy in full health. Get it?

Source: Facebook 

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