Atty. Bruce slams Loida Lewis on Duterte to resign: 'Isa kang makapili.Tumahimik ka!'

Atty. Bruce Rivera on Wednesday expressed her sentiment toward the Filipino-American community leader Loida Nicolas-Lewis.

Lewis was calling the public to join her in unseating President Duterte.

“So his promise I will resign in 6 months if the drug epidemic is not solved, he should be true to that promise at least, no extension, resign now President Duterte,” Lewis said.

Atty. Rivera lambasted Lewis and wants her to sue for treason. He said Lewis was pretentious that after writing an impressive article how good Duterte is, then it turns out, she was insincere.
At pasulat-sulat ka pa ng article na nameet mo siya and saying all the good things kunwari. Isa kang makapili.
He also asked Lewis to go back to the Philippines and join the protest of the common people to oust Duterte.

Attorney said that if she can't do it better yet, she should shut her mouth.

Check out the FB post of Atty. Rivera:
God!!!! You believe in the democratic process then why do you want the duly elected President to resign. Kasuhan na nga yan ng treason. You are the reason why many Filipinos voted for Trump because you are so close to Hillary and it is obvious that you want Duterte out. At pasulat-sulat ka pa ng article na nameet mo siya and saying all the good things kunwari. Isa kang makapili.

Pakiusap ko lang. Umuwi ka ng Pilipinas, samahan mo ang ordinaryong Pilipino. Hwag ka masyadong didikit sa mga kaibigan mong mga mayayaman sa Manila para maintindihan mo ang pulso ng masang Pilipino. Tapos duon ka manawagan na bumaba.

Kung hindi mo pa nagawa, putang-ina!!! Tumahimik ka!!!!

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