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Former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile believes that the late President Ferdinand Marcos deserves to be buried at Libingan ng mga Bayani.

When asked Enrile if Marcos is a hero, he said Marcos medal of honor is enough proof that he should be buried at LNMB.

"Why not? He was given a medal of honor and it's not a fake medal. Some people say, Boni Gillego says that he had fake medals. But of all the medals that he received, I don't think all are fake. 
One medal of honor is enough for you to be buried in that piece of land," Enrile said.

Aside from it, Enrile explained that no law that says the remains of Marcos cannot be buried at Libingan.

"Hindi ko malaman kung bakit nagiging issue ito kung saan siya ililibing sapagkat sa aking kaalaman doon sa batas, eh wala namang exception na pwedeng gamitin upang hindi siya ilibing doon," Enrile said.

Here, watch the long version:

Source: Talking Points, CNN

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