Prominent lawyer to De Lima: "Ang habol mo ay tanggalin ang Pangulo. Nakikita ka namin ha, umayos ka"

Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles hit back Senator Leila De Lima after the latter filed a test case to the Supreme Court to test the immunity from suit of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Atty. Angeles criticized De Lima that she's just using it to weaken the sovereign of the people.

According to De Lima, what Duterte did was a "constitute unlawful, unofficial conduct that has nothing to do with the president's duties and responsibilities."

But Atty. Angeles said that De Lima's move was a clear indication that her true motive was to unseat the president.

Duterte as a President of the Philippines has an immunity from suit to ensure that he can exercise his duties and functions of running the country’s affairs free from any hindrance or distraction. 

Atty. Trixie said even De Lima knew Duterte's immunity but she kept on pursuing it hoping they could win over it.

Lastly, she warned De Lima saying, "Nakikita ka namin ha, umayos ka."

Check out her full statement:
Dear Sen. Delima: I am sure alam mo yang ginagawa mo which is to undermine the sovereign will of the people who have spoken at the last elections. Dinadaan mo sa kulit at pilit and binabawal ng batas. Yang pag file mo laban sa Pangulo gayong alam mo naman may immunity sya, napaghahalataan kang ang habol mo ay tanggalin ang Pangulo. Pero sige go ka pa rin ng go kasi baka sakaling makalusot at matanggal ang tinik sa tadyang ng Partido Liberal. Nakikita ka namin ha, umayos ka.

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