Panelo on Sen. De Lima: "To save the Senate from further embarrassment, she must voluntarily resign"

Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo on Tuesday said that Senator Leila De Lima should resign in her position after admitting her affair with Ronnie Dayan. He said it is to save the Senate from embarrassment.

“The admission by De Lima on her romantic albeit illegal and immoral liaison with her bodyguard-driver validates the accusation of (President Duterte) that the senator committed unlawful and immoral acts and opens her to a criminal charge of adultery her lover being a married man,” Panelo said.

“It strengthens the case filed against her on her involvement in the drug operations,” he added.

According to Panelo, De Lima admission bolster her case.

“It opens her to expulsion proceedings in the Senate by the Senate Ethics Committee for immorality and grave misconduct in office, apart from opening herself to a disbarment proceeding as a member of the bar for immorality and unethical conduct,” he said.

De Lima confirmed her affair with Dayan that lasted for a few years.

“We became so close that's it because I trusted him and siyempre naano po ang loob ko,” De Lima said.

Panelo said De Lima may face disbarment proceedings.

"She has herself to blame for the present destructive predicament she is in," Panelo said

Meanwhile, De Lima repeatedly denied the accusations against her.

Source: Inquirer

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