Ombudsman may investigate but cannot remove Duterte -Palace

Communications Secretary Martin Andanar speaks up about the investigation of the Ombudsman to President Rodrigo Duterte.

Andanar said the ombudsman can't remove the president because he has immunity.

"The President enjoys immunity while in office and the Ombudsman, although she may investigate, [she] cannot discipline or remove a sitting President," Andanar said.

"We all know that part of the constitutional mandate of the Ombudsman is to act on complaints against government employees and officials, including the complaint filed by Senator Trillanes against the President when he was still mayor of Davao City," Andanar added.

"However, whether this will become a case against the President is an entirely different matter," he added.

The complaint was filed by Trillanes prior the election. He accused Duterte on alleged hiring ghost employees in Davao City and spending about P708 million. 

Earlier, Morales stated he will continue to investigate Duterte even if he's impeachable.

“Under the law, even if a person has immunity or even if he’s impeachable, you still continue the investigation for purposes of determining whether there is misconduct,” Morales said.

"We don't discount any possibility that we'll spare him or indict him. We are talking about possibilities. There are many possibilities," she added.

Source: GMA, Politiko

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