Nur Misuari Exclusive interview by Mocha Uson: "He wants a better Philippines for all of us and for our children"| Watch

Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) leader Nur Misuarihad had a one on one interview with Mocha Uson and he speaks about Duterte's war on drugs.

Singer-dancer Mocha Uson on Saturday uploaded an exclusive interview with Nur Misuari, in which he also criticized the media outlets for bias reports and how they exaggerated or twisted the story to make Duterte appear the bad guy. 

He said that's why the world misunderstood President Duterte for these media men who only focuses on the negative side and not catering the positive deed of Duterte.

Misuari said he admired Duterte for being a "man of his word, who has the courage of his ideas" and he said both of them have the same philosophy in life, "to put at stake his life for the sake of the people."

Misuari said 'ideas' is powerful but to implement it "we need a human being like Duterte who has a strong will, will power, ready to die for the sake of his dream."

"He wants a better Philippines for all of us and for our children. The Philippines will disintegrate if they don't find a man like Duterte to govern this country," Misuari added.

Last Thursday, Nur Misuari meets President Duterte in MalacaƱang after the Pasig Regional Trial Court Branch 158 decided to suspend the MNLF leader's trial and arrest warrant.

Nur Misuari was very grateful to Duterte for giving him 'partial' freedom.

“I came here to thank him for restoring my freedom, if only partially. I am so happy to be free again, owing to the initiative of our President,” Misuari said.

“Just allow me to reiterate my sense of gratitude to the President and my promise that should he need our cooperation in his campaign for peace, you can count on us, Mr. President,” Misuari added.

Watch the full video:

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