Netizen to Kiko Pangilinan on digging the remains of Marcos: Sige, payagan! Basta ba ikaw lang magisa ang huhukay

Another blast post from netizen Adolfo Mortera caught the attention of the netizens.

Earlier, he already slammed Pangilinan over his statements that Marcos remains won't be buried forever in the heroes cemetery.

Read: Netizen slams Kiko on 'Marcos burial' statement:F*ck you, Kiko! You're inciting desecration of the dead!

"F*ck you, Kiko! You're inciting desecration of the dead!
Let me remind you that the Supreme Court voted 9-5-1 in favor of the burial!
The burial is legal!," Mortera earlier post.

Mortera suggested that since Pangilinan wants to remove remains, he should be the one to dig it all by himself.

"Gustong tanggalin ni Kiko Pangilinan ang labi ni FM sa LNMB.
Sige, payagan!
Basta ba sya lang magisa ang huhukay, at hatinggabi nya gagawin! Aprub!
Tiyak lalong luluwa ang mga mata nya."

Following with the post above, he also called Pangilinan as "Sepulturero".

"By the way the LP-led yakyak society reacted to the legally-allowed Marcos burial at LNMB yesterday, with one bulb-eyed senator even wanting to become a sepulturero to dig up the remains of FM, they have metamorphosed from yellowtards, to yelloworms."

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