Greco Belgica to Ombudsman: "You can abuse your power, but you cannot hide the truth"

Greco Belgica wrote a letter to Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales. He said he already knew she won't probe De Lima even after he filed cases because they are friends.

Belgica filed a case to have a preventive suspension against Sen. De Lima after admitting his affair with his subordinate.

He said if nothing happens with the administrative complaint he filed, then it only proved that Morales is certainly biased.

He also said the lady senator and Ombudsman are cronies and working together with the Liberal Party.

Belgica warned Morales, "You can abuse your power, but you can not hide the truth. We know you and we see what you are doing."

Belgica revealed that from his 'reliable source', it was De Lima who filed a cased against Dela Rosa.

Moreover, he said we'll find out if Morales do something over the case. It will show either she's fair or bias. all we have to do is to wait and see.

Check out Atty. Greco post:
To the Ombudsman,

Alam ko pong di nyo aaksyunan ang kasong ito dahil mag kakunchaba kayo ni De Lima.

But I filed the case to prove that our allegations are true. That you are protecting De Lima, you are bias and are working for De Lima and the LP. And you have the power to do so because your office is an independent constitutional body.

You can abuse your power, but you can not hide the truth. We know you and we see what you are doing.

Again, why so quick to investigate Bato, yet, so slow against De Lima?

If you are true, you can at least suspend De Lima to investigate freely, because you suddenly DISMISSED Joel for the case filed against him.

Pano po ito, may kaso narin siya ngayon?

But I know you won't investigate De Lima. Because De Lima and you are friends. Thus, you are protecting De Lima and LP officials guilty of DAP, PDAF, Yolanda corruption who are involve in drug trafficking.


Yesterday, while I was in the ombudsman, I recieved report from a very reliable source, that the case against BATO came from De Lima herself sent to her "kunchaba" Omb.Conchita to be filed immediately in her agency.

I was told that the legal basis was put together in the ombudsman itself supervised by her deputy. Is this true?

Kaya walang nangyayari sa laban natin sa KORAPSYON dahil KORAP ang HUKOM.

Kung ganyan din lang ang patakbo mo, isara nalang natin ang OMBUDSMAN. Gagawa nalang kami ng tunay na HUKUMANG BAYAN na makapag iimbistiga at hatol ng mga kasong graft na di mabibili ng mga abusadong at akusadong pulitiko.

Ano man ang AKSYON or INACTION ni Ombudsman sa kasong sinampa natin kay De Lima ay mag papakita lamang ng katotohanan kung PATAS o BIAS si Ombudsman.


Source: Greco Belgica 

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