Greco Belgica to Ombudsman: "Yung matitino kinakasuhan nyo, yung mga kriminal pinuprutektahan nyo"

Greco Belgica once again lambasted Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales for not doing fair in probing PNP Chief Bato Dela Rosa but not Sen. Leila De Lima.

Belgica accused Morales of protecting the corrupt officials. He questioned the case of De Lima that until now still moving slowly.

According to Belgica, the Ombudsman was protecting Sen. De Lima, PNoy, Abad, Frank Drillon, the drug lords and other DAP legislators.

"You have become the protector of the corrupt and syndicates."

He also added that Morales consented the corruption by ignoring to probe the billions of money lost in DAP, PDAF, and Yolanda funds.

Belgica expressed his disappointment to the Ombudsman for not doing anything to investigate De Lima's case. He even recalled the controversial photo where it was seen in the CCTV footage, De Lima had a meeting with Napoles.

Here, his last message to the readers, "Dahil kung kurap ang hukuman, hindi aayos ang bayan at kawawa ang mga kabataan."

Read Belgica full text:
To the Ombudsman:

Bakit ang bilis bilis nyo mag imbistiga sa iba, maliban kay De Lima?

Obviously, you protecting the corrupt, the syndicates and drug lords?

Is it not in your mandate to investigate by yourself or by any request of any form, corrupt and illegal acts committed by any government official?

You have failed the people miserably, you are lying and perverting justice!

Bakit ang bilis nyo kay BATO, pero ang bagal nyo kay De Lima?

Sabi po ninyo, may admission si Bato kaya inimbistigahan nyo kagad.

E pano po ito, may ADMISSION na DIN si DE LIMA, na naki apid siya sa driver nyang may asawa? She committed the CRIME of ADULTERY. Bakit di mo iniimbistigahan, inuusisa at inaalam?

Yung matitino kinakasuhan nyo. Yung mga kriminal pinuprutektahan nyo.

Yung walang laban ang bilis nyong ipitin - PULIS - at gawing
trophy. Anong laban ng pulis sainyo e Ombudsman kayo?

Pinuprutektahan nyo sila De Lima, Pnoy, Abad, Drillon, Drug lords, at sindikato, and other DAP legislators.

Kung ganyan ang ginagawa nyo, sindikato narin kayo.

You've changed. You are now playing politics. You are no longer the ombudsman who is fair and just. You have become the protector of the corrupt and syndicates.

By hitting on BATO you strengthen the DRUG LORDS and CRIMINALS. By refusing to investigate ALL DAP authors, Pork Barrels, Yolanda etc., you have CONSENTED TO CORRUPTION.

You are truly an agent of change. You have change the anti-graft and corrupt body, and turned it into the most corrupt agency in the Philippines.

You DISMISSED JOEL for his alleged involvement of Napoles NGO's and not even SUSPEND DE LIMA for her admission to Adultery?

And what about the pictures and evidences that she was involved with NAPOLES when she was in office as DOJ Secretary. What have you done? What else can you do?


Dahil kung kurap ang hukuman, hindi aayos ang bayan at kawawa ang mga kabataan.


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