Duterte admin to build P200-B national broadband network

The Duterte administration will put on a broadband network in the Philippines, according to National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) Commissioner Gamaliel Cordoba.

The building of nationwide broadband network would help the countryside to access the internet.

“This is the first time that our administration will do this kind of thing. We’ll have a broadband owned and put up by the government,” Cordoba said.

On the off chance that endorsed, the venture will begin this January or maybe in the second quarter and take three years to finish.

The cost will extend anyplace between about P80 billion and P200 billion, contingent upon the kind of system the legislature will assemble and how it will oversee it. 

Amid his meeting with President Rodrigo Duterte in October, 
 ICT Secretary Rodolfo Salalima suggested that the administration manufacture and deal with the system, with privately owned businesses permitted to rent it.

"That is why we only have rough estimates for the costs. It could still change depending on what the President approves," Salima said.

Salima said the government is open for foreign and private sectors partner and there are already two big Chinese firms drew closer to DICT and offered their services.

“Some Chinese suppliers have come to us already and we are weighing all options... [it’s] the two big companies in China, but its just establishing contacts, talking to each other on future possibilities,” the DICT chief said.

Salima said he already submitted the proposal to Duterte and they are just waiting for his decision.

Source: CNN, Manila Bulletin

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