De Lima: Ronnie's claim is absolutely untrue. He was forced to lie against me

Senator Leila De Lima said that former driver and bodyguard’s allegation that she had received money from alleged drug lord Kerwin Espinosa was "absolutely untrue."

“Ronnie's claim is absolutely untrue. I don't know Kerwin, and neither does Ronnie. He knows that. At hindi ko na tao si Ronnie sa panahon na iyan sa sinasabing timeline (per media reports) nang pagkuha o pagbigay ng pera. So how could I have ordered him to get money from Kerwin?” De Lima said.

“Kaya lang, siyempre, as expected, napilitan na rin si Ronnie magsinunagaling laban sa akin,” De Lima added.

Despite the many accusations against her, De Lima repeatedly denied her involvement and dared those accusers to proved their allegations.

“Nevertheless, I welcome this as an opportunity to clear my name as soon as all these fiction stories of the underworld are weaved into a complete but grotesque tapestry and finally filed before a court of law where I can properly defend myself, hopefully this time without the fanfare and the drama of my persecution before the media,” De Lima said.

“And even as they portrayed Ronnie Dayan as the missing link to their drug conspiracies, his arrest and so-called admissions yesterday present an opportunity for me to put this issue to a close,” De Lima added.

Dayan on Tuesday claimed that he delivered drug money from Kerwin Espinosa to De Lima. He also denied his involvement in drugs.

“I received money from Kerwin. I received money as instructed by Ma’am. She was still justice secretary at the time,” Dayan said.

Source: Inquirer, Philstar

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