President Duterte to Filipinos: I am here because I love my country and I love the Filipino people

President Rodrigo Duterte on late Sunday meets with the Filipino community in Brunei. 

According to the report, there are about 7,000 Filipinos attending the get-together event with President Duterte.
Amid controversies on his war on drugs, Duterte was applauded by the Filipinos when he stated the reason why he was there.

He said, "Why am I here? I am here because I love my country and I love the Filipino people... What drove me to the presidency? Patriotism."

"Kung walang bumubunggo nitong mga animal na ito, kawawa ang bayan," Duterte added.

During his speech, he said he's willing to rot in jail but his critics should quit undermining him.

"Sabi ko nga, I am willing to rot in jail for the Filipino. Do not keep on threatening or intimidating me," Duterte said.

Duterte stated that the extrajudicial killings happening in the country were a not state-ordered killing.

"Wag tayo magbolahan... 'Yung iba talaga diyang pinatay, na-salvage... Pero kung sinabi mong state-ordered killing... kalokohan," Duterte said.

"Kaya ako nagmumura kasi napaka-bobo naman nila (critics). Hindi ako galit sa kanila, but what I'm trying to say is I'm totally exasperated – that's the word – na hindi nila alam ang batas that it is not a crime even for a civilian Filipino walking in the streets to say, 'I hate the criminals, I hope they would die, I will kill them if I catch them.' Perfectly alright. That's in defense, that statement is in defense of my country and people," the president added.

Watch the video below:

Source: GMA, Rappler

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