Peter Wallace amazed with Duterte’s accomplishments in just 100 days

”We’ve had almost 100 days now and we’ve had things done. I’m quite amazed really how many things have been accomplished.”

That was the statement of the Naturalized Filipino businessman Peter Wallace on Wednesday. Wallace expressed his admiration to President Rodrigo Duterte and to his administration.

Wallace also impressed by President Duterte that after six days he assume the office, he directly signed the EO Freedom of Information Act.

Apart from it, he also praised Duterte for choosing well his members of the cabinet, whose all of them showed excellency in academics and businesses.

”But I think the one that struck us all immediately was, after what? Five presidents, 25 years, we didn’t have a Freedom of Information Act. Within six days, we had one. Just like that. He did the sensible thing. He passed an executive order,” Wallace said.

”His economic cluster is a very well-chosen cluster of people who are former businessmen and academics who know their job and know what has to be done. And he has said on numerous occasions, he will rely on them and their guidance as to where to go,” Wallace added.

The business community lauds and agreed to the 10-point socioeconomic agenda of President Duterte.

According to Wallace, President Duterte decision to resume the good things did in the past administration were brilliant. Instead of throwing it away, they improve it to make it better.

”Each government has wanted to just to throw out the baby with the bathwater and start all over again. He [Duterte] said 'No, continuity is important. We’ll continue with those things that are good and we’ll speed them up,” Wallace said.

Australian businessman Wallace's Philippine citizenship was granted recently by Congress, Republic Act No. 10685 enacted September 2015.

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