Person who started petition to suspend Mocha Uson blog was removed by Facebook

After netizen Paul Quilet started the petition in to suspend the Facebook page of Mocha Uson, it seems that it goes the other way around.

Paul Quilet posted in his Twitter confirming that his Facebook account has been reported and suspended on Monday night.
The petition against Mocha Uson blog has already garnered 30,755 supporters. 

Duterte supporters reacted to it and defended Mocha against these people who wants to silence and stop Mocha expressing her freedom.

By doing so, it would be very difficult for these petitioners to do so because Mocha have a massive supporters. Unless they match her Facebook followers that already reach to 4 million.

Also, Mocha Uson has the highest page engagement in Facebook. Clear to say that she defeated these major TV networks in the country.

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