Netizens show support to Duterte: "You can call Him Names, Throw Mud on His feet. But you Can Never Stop him for Caring for you and For All Filipinos"

Amidst to the controversy of President Rodrigo Duterte analogy, one netizen reminded everyone the good deeds and achievements of Duterte and his administration.

The comment post of a netizen named Jerome Joseph Pama caught the attention and drew cheers from the netizens.

It was after when the Inquirer published an article with the headlines of "President’s supporter: Mr. Duterte, shut the f**k up." 
See the reference below:

Netizens have mixed reactions to it. But the Duterte supporters never stop believing and defending the president. 

Again, Mr. Pama enumerated the things that the new administration did for the last 3 months.

He slammed the critics and frankly said they can compare President Duterte to Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini, and Adolf Hitler, these three are well-known dictators. But they can never compare what the Duterte administration did in improving the government agency services.

Pama said while they are busy criticizing Duterte, they also enjoying the new NAIA, the nationwide emergency hotline 911 and 8888, the One-stop Shop Gov't services at OWWA and POEA, the driver's license validity up to 5 years and the new passport.

In his post, Pama said no matter how they try to destroy Duterte but "You Can Never Stop him for Caring for you and For All Filipinos," he said referring to the critics.

Check out Jerome Pama post:
You can compare him to Hitler Stalin Mussolini, You can call him names but you enjoy the new naia, The new nationwide 911 and 8888, The One stop Shop Gov't services at Owwa and Poea, The extension of Driver's licenses and Passports. You can call Him Names, Throw Mud on His feet. But you Can Never Stop him for Caring for you and For All Filipinos.

Here's also other comments of the netizens in response to Inquirer's article:
Josh M Zuniga It may look controversial now but if the next generation of Philippines citizen can grow up in a drug free nation and a safe environment like Singapore, then President Duterte legacy will be written differently than what he got today.

The late LKY do not always do what people at those time would consider as the right thing to do, but history show that he is right. We need strong leader to do the unpopular but the right things and I hope President Duterte is such person for the Philippines. Otherwise the history will be written differently.

Mae Meesa Its because hinihintay lang lagi ng media na may makukuha inconsistencies, etc sa mga sasabihin ng Presidente at yun ang highlight ng report nila para lang masiraan si Digong

Jaime Ang I dont care much about his being foul mouthed or less than being statesman like. I am after on what good things that have happened in our country in less than 100 days. Let those changes speak for itself. I'd rather feel safe walking on the streets than having a soft and lazy president who did nothing to protect its citizens.

Chris Rima When those voted for Duterte criticize him, this is what I would like to call "Support for the nation", not "Support for one man".
They value our country above all else! :)

Ryan Rey Lagi tayong nagrereklamu sa mga nangyayari ngayun kc nga gusto ayaw natin ng patayan pero gusto naman nating mawala yung droga at criminaidad sa pilipinas. Come on logic lang yan! It takes crime to end criminals! It takes violence to gain peace! Hayaan nyo, time will tell and ellaborate what the administration has established today. History is still in the making. Just be patient!

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