Netizens react to PH media with different views on UAPP ball game: "What is the intent or the motive?"

A Facebook user Mark Lopez uploaded a photo collage on Sunday basketball match between La Salle and Ateneo-DLSU

Lopez compared the four different media outlets on how they covered the game.

In his post, Lopez elucidated how local media wrote their caption and yet confusing headlines and one has a delusive photo.

Read Mr. Lopez comments with the above photo:

Below is the collage of 4 media entities and their coverage of yesterday's much hyped La Salle-Ateneo Basketball game.

Notice the following:

Inquirer (top left) on its online post has the "It's a Black Sunday" teaser but confuses itself with its headline of "After unity call, Ateneo-DLSU a sea of blue, green and black"

ABS CBN (bottom left) clearly tried to play with the image brightness and contrast, to make it appear that the crowd in the stands were in black. As a result of the photoshopping, some heads were chopped off. (top right), the online mag for Philippine Sports headlined the event with the words "Good number of Ateneo, La Salle fans ignore "Wear Black" call, say politics and sports mustn't mix."

GMA News (bottom right) went with the word "unheaded" in its headline, saying fans kept their true colors.

This is one event in one massive venue.

But why the different views?

As an ordinary reader, what would you make of these?

If you were not there yourself, whom would you believe when media comes out with different accounts of the event?

Lastly, ask yourself -- why the difference? What is the intent or the motive?

The call was to wear black for UNITY.

The result was the great divide.

Netizens also shared same views with Lopez. Some find it hilarious for mixing politics and sports then end up Ateneo lose the game. Other say their plan "backfired".

Earlier, Ateneo and La Salle fans urged to wear black by Ateneo de Manila University President Jose Villarin against the human rights violation.

And the crowd speaks for itself. The gymnasium flooded with green and blue rather than black.

Meanwhile, take a look at the post of Ms. Sass Sasot with a zoom-in image of ABS-CBN coverage.


Also, see the post of Ms. MJ Reyes.   

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Source: Facebook

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