Netizens noticed that PH flag is higher than the flag of China

President Rodrigo Duterte is in China for his four day state visit.

Recently, there were tension developed between the Philippines and China because of the West Philippines Sea. 

President Duterte showed a friendly manner, same as China and all they just wanted is to have a healthy relationship.

On Duterte's first-day, netizens noticed the outstanding flag scene at the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

It was the flag of the Philippines, higher than all those other flags.

Netizens said that probably it represents a high respect to the Philippines since China was very particular when it comes to the courtesy.

Netizens were very happy on how the Chinese treated President Duterte when he arrived. Also, to their warm welcomed they give. As what they seen on his first day state visit, it was something that they can already said that it will be prosperous.

Here's some of their comments:

Reena Borromeo Isorena
Pres. Duterte once said that he will ride a Jetski to the boundaries of Spratlys and plant the Philippine Flag there. He did more than that. Look, our flag, right there in the heart of China, soaring high!!!

Ruby Ace Not on board a jetski but on board a plane... not just at spratlys but went straight to d heart of china... not just planting a flag but raising it higher than china.... tatak duterte.... diplomacy at its best!!! Wow na wow...

Arr Jay P. Rubinos And the thing is, it's not even Duterte raised the flag but rather China raised it for Duterte and the Philippines... A kind of respect we look for a true ally..

Yn-yn Bayron Hindi naman masama makipag kaibigan nang mga chinese. I've been in China many times. Para lang din silang Pilipinas pero mga hardworking ang mga tao jn. Maxadong Naka fucos sila sa trabaho. Tulad din nang mga Pinoy may bad and good side ang bawat mga tao sa China. I'm proud of my President Duterte sa sinabi nya na "we cannot afford war" hindi natin kailangan makipag giyera kuntra sa china but pwedi natin silang kaibiganin.. I hope Ma buksan ang pananaw nang mga Pilipino na ang pakikipag laban o giyera ay malaking epekto din sa ating ekonomiya. Kailangan ipa mulat sa mga kabataan natin ang advantages at disadvantages nang giyera.

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