Netizen has strong remarks about foreign aid:"We are sitting on the richest land ever and afraid to go Hungry?"

A Facebook user Krizette Laureta Chu posted about the first world countries that became so rich and independent even without the foreign aid was doing the rounds online.

Perhaps, this issue started when Agot Isidro criticized President Duterte for challenging the US to withdraw their aid in the Philippines. Isidro's post became the talk of the town. 

Some netizens reacted not because of the 'psychopath' post but because of the mendicant mentality she was trying to imply.

Likewise, Ms. Chu cited the reason why these rich and famous countries became successful, it's because they fought for their freedom and independence.

Chu said how can the people suffer in hunger when in fact the Philippines is rich in resources. She said the country is the second-biggest on nickel and copper; and center of the marine biodiversity.

So, Chu has a reminder for people who thinks we are mendicants:

"GUTOM KA?Parang sinabi mong magugutom ka pag nakulong ka sa SM HYPERMART. No country ON EARTH has ever reached First World status, EVER, because of aid."

She also shared one of the advises she get from her mother.
"Mabuti nang ikaw ang mag abuloy, kaysa ikaw ang inaabuluyan."
Lastly, Chu said she was hopeful that what she shared "could finally grow some pride in what we have, what we own, and who we are."

Read the full statement of Krizette Chu:

But look around you! Look at the greatest, richest countries on earth-- the United States, China, Singapore, Kuwait, Taiwan, Denmark, the UAE, Qatar, Japan. Have any of these countries become rich and independent because of aid and dole outs?

And alternatively, look at the many resource rich countries in Africa, exploited, "aided" by a million and one fundraisers, and still so dirt poor. In your fear of poverty and hunger, give me a country that rose to First World status by leaning on another country? Didn't these countries all fight hard for their freedom and their independence, first and most important, to determine how to use their resources, where to sell their resources, how to exploit their OWN resources? And yet here we are--sitting on the richest land ever, sitting on gold reserves so huge it is the world's SECOND biggest, on nickel, on copper--and afraid to go HUNGRY? Afraid to go hungry when our waters are the CENTER OF THE CENTER OF MARINE BIODIVERSITY, hosting 75 percent of the world's aqua species? 

Have we become so resigned to our fate we think we are poor when we are obscenely rich? OBSCENELY RICH. Let this percolate in your mind. The Philippine mining industry is $1.3 TRILLION DOLLARS worth, and there's more untapped treasure as mining only makes up 0.72 percent of our economy and only a few percent have been mined. GUTOM KA? Parang sinabi mong magugutom ka pag nakulong ka sa SM HYPERMART. No country ON EARTH has ever reached First World status, EVER, because of aid. 

When I was a little girl, a string of people would come to our house during Christmas season. I would get irritated when my clothes or toys were given away. I once threw a bitch fit when one of my favorites were given without my consent. But what my mom told me stuck: "Mabuti nang ikaw ang mag abuloy, kaysa ikaw ang inaabuluyan." She would also say that during wakes, hospital visits, or anything that required us to give. I hope it made me a better person and a more generous giver. I hope you can tell yourself the same thing, so you could finally grow some pride in what you have, what you own, and who you are.

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